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Sleep In

As a showcase for architecture and interior design. Therefore, Sleep in Corruption invited twelve architects and interior designers to create environments for fictional characters in a palace so that visitors can have an idea of ​​the trends and materials of each of the stories told.


New program curated by Tristana Esteves Cardoso, enriches the evening at the Gourmet Experience with exhibitions by several emerging Portuguese artists

QM Art Lounge

It was with great pleasure that I accepted in October of 2021 the invitation from @qm_lifestyle__  to participate in the exhibition “Art jab” QM Art Lounge at the Martinhal Cascais Hotel, in Quinta da Marinha, " An Art Jab" of established artists from around the world with different art styles combined.

All You Need Is Art in Cordoaria Nacional

ALL YOU NEED IS ART is a Contemporary Art Festival that will take place between March 23rd and 27th, 2022, at Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional, in Belém. 

The Creation of this event is to give continuity to the work of plastic artists, emerging through the experience of the most consecrated, to open doors and exchange experiences, both through the individual and the materials, and to raise more and more awareness of our culture to the world of arts.

ALL YOU NEED IS ART had the following objectives 
- pay tribute to an established painter Artur Bual and to a gallery owner Lima de Carvalho who did a lot for plastic artists.
- to stimulate the art market and the emergence of new talents; 
- to encourage trade and the internationalisation of art. 
The event associates seven artistic areas - painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, architecture, installation and photography. 
We expect a great flow of people per day. 

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